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Van Drivers ๐Ÿš› Prepare for Manchester's Clean Air Zone

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

UPDATE: Manchester's Clean Air Plan has been placed on hold pending further government consultation. The info below is outdated as the scheme didn't go ahead in May 2022. For the latest developments please check: Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan | Clean Air Greater Manchester (


Self-employed van drivers take note that The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone is expected to launch May 2022.

Please do your own research and consider if you will need to take action - very possibly upgrading your van before the end of the first year exemption.

Manchester's Clear Air Zone

Summary of Manchester's Clean Air Zone plan

  • Owners of non-compliant Light goods vehicles (LGV's) will pay a daily charge of ยฃ10 to drive on the roads of Greater Manchester (higher rates apply to other vehicle types)

  • This is typically affecting vans (LGV's) registered before 2016 and larger vehicles

  • LGV's will be exempt from the charge for one year until 1 June 2023

  • Applications for financial support to move to cleaner vehicles will open from November 2021 (grants or low-cost loans of up to ยฃ4,500)

If you're currently driving a van older than 2016 it's essential that you do your own research at Clean air plans | Clean Air Greater Manchester (

Whilst I have no expertise to be able to advise on the details of the scheme, my general opinion is that, it might be wise to plan ahead rather than be caught out in the rush to upgrade your van during 2022.

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