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Protect yourself from the costs of a tax investigation

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you’ve ever received that dreaded letter through the door, you’ll know that a tax investigation is costly in at least two ways:

  1. Possible discovery of underpaid tax, tax penalties and interest

  2. Accountancy fees for the time spent defending your case

Whilst you can’t insure against HMRC penalties or what they might discover to be unpaid tax, you can protect yourself against your accountants’ time in defending your case, ensuring that the final cost of tax and penalties is as low as possible.

Why does Massey Accounting Company offer a Tax Enquiry Business Protection Service?

If you do ever receive that dreaded letter, your first port-of-call should be your accountant. But sadly, in some cases, tax investigation fees cause strain on our relationship with unprotected clients. The alternative might be to accept the assertions of HMRC and prematurely settle the enquiry. We would feel much more comfortable having the freedom to defend your case to the hilt!

How much does it cost?

In partnership with Croner-Taxwise, our Tax Enquiry Business Protection Service can be paid monthly or annually and has £ZERO excess.

  • Personal Tax only clients - £4 per month (£zero excess)

  • Sole Traders - £8 per month (£zero excess)

  • Partnerships - £9 per month (£zero excess)

  • Limited companies - £10 per month (£zero excess)

All levels of service include free telephone access to specialists in:

  • Employment Law

  • Commercial Legal (including contract, corporate, property and landlord & tenant)

  • Health & Safety

  • Tax Investigation Service: Your business will receive representation from us in the event of an HMRC investigation. This service has zero excess. We will deal directly with HMRC on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business without concern over unknowable additional fees.

More info here:

What should you do next?

Email us if you’re interested, and we’ll reply with your quote and sign-up forms.

Would you like help to pay less tax? Feel free to get in touch or check out our related posts 👇

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