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How to claim motor expenses if you're self-employed 🚗

Updated: Jul 21

Should you claim actual motoring costs (fuel, insurance, repairs etc) or claim the 45p mileage rate against your self-employed profits? As a general rule of thumb: Van drivers are better off claiming for actual costs. If however you use your family car for some business use you're probably better off claiming mileage 👍

HMRC's 2 min. video summaries this nicely:

Mileage claims

Currently HMRC allow a claim of 45p per business mile as long as your business journeys are recorded via a mileage log (the rate falls to 25p per mile after the first 10,000 miles).

Importantly your mileage log should include: Date, start-point, destination, purpose of journey and the number of miles travelled all business records these should be kept for a minimum of 6 years + the current tax year. There are apps that will help record your business mileage (e.g. Xero bookkeeping includes it's own expense/mileage apps) or feel free to get-in-touch and request our simple Excel based template.

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