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How to claim motor expenses if you're self-employed 🚗

Updated: 6 days ago

Should you record motoring costs (fuel, insurance, repairs etc) or claim the 45p mileage rate against your self-employed profits? As a rule of thumb: Van drivers should claim actual costs. If however, you use your family car for some business use, you're better off claiming mileage.

HMRC's 2 min. video summaries this nicely:

Mileage claims

HMRC allows 45p per mile as long as your business journeys are logged (the rate falls to 25p per mile after the first 10,000 miles).

Importantly your mileage log should include: Date, start-point, destination, the purpose of the journey and the number of miles travelled. Like all business records, these should be kept for a minimum of 6 years + the current tax year.

Our recommended bookkeeping apps both include mileage tracking features:

Infrequent business travellers might find it easier to download and use our simple Excel-based template.

Mileage Log by MAC
Download XLSX • 152KB

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